Creating sustainable partnership together.

We are United Food & Beverage Group.

We take the lead as trend setters and innovators by sharing our love for flavorful products through sustainable partnerships all over the world. We strive to raise the bar every day to make your success our business.  

Our profile


We adjust and operate at high speed. The fast-changing, international food & beverage market is our field of expertise. 


We are a Dutch-based company, yet we operate in more than 20 countries, covering multiple continents. Our Value Added Logistic Services complement our wide product portfolio.


Our partners define a job well done. We have made it our priority to deliver outstanding services & unique product solutions that match our partners’ individual needs and vision.


We are not looking for a quick deal. We are committed to sustaining long-term partnerships where we can add value on all sides.


Trendsetting is in our companies’ genes. From collaborative product development to in-store solutions, together we strive to always make the most exciting and flavorful products accessible.

We are here for you

United Food & Beverage Group was established by a dedicated team of specialists to accomplish a shared goal: to take the introduction and distribution of A-branded, licensed and new label Food & Beverage products to the next level.

We do so by placing sustainable partnerships at the heart of our business. Instead of just functioning as a pivot between our manufacturing and retailing partners, we believe in adding value on all sides.

That includes:

  • Being niche experts in the different markets of the FMCG industry that we operate in.
  • Being able to act fast and be flexible. We have made it our job to stay one step ahead of relevant trends and innovations in our industry.
  • Taking on a consultation role, where we share knowledge and best practices through individualized product and service solutions.
  • An extensive sales network that stretches over more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East.

Our partners define a job well done.

We have made it our priority to provide outstanding services from A to Z. From distributing A-branded FMCGs at competitive prices to localizing products for different sales markets: we are determined to make your experience with us 100% stress-free. Our expert teams will make sure that all the legal and compliance requirements are met when importing & exporting goods.

Core competencies
  • Specialized on core and non-core assortment
  • Building brand visibility
  • Sustainable partnerships
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Legal compliance
  • Value Added Services & Value Added Logistics
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